What We Do

Accounting Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We help clients with accounting services which ensure completeness, validity and accuracy of transactions recorded are recorded in their books and that financial statements are prepared in accordance with the applicable accounting framework (IFRS, IFRS for SME, GRAP, etc) in order to provide useful information to the users of financial statements.

Review of Finance Policies

Compliance with IFRS or IFRS for SME


Accounting Support

IFRS & GRAP Training

Compilations of annual financial statements which comply with IFRS and/or GRAP

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers courses training through our training company: Excellent Minds Institute (Pty) Ltd

TAX Services

TAX Compliance

Our tax compliance services are tailored to meet the ever increasing complexity of tax compliance needs of our clients. We offer the following TAX compliance solutions:

TAX Debt Write Off & Arrangements

  • Tax debt write off / compromise agreement
  • SARS payment arrangement

TAX Preparations & Consulting

  • Income Tax Calculations
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculations
  • Donations tax calculations
  • Dividends withholding tax calculations
  • Estate duty tax calculations

TAX Returns & Compliance Services

  • Corporate Income tax return (dormant)
  • Corporate Income tax return (using financials)
  • Personal income tax return
  • Personal income taxreturn (incl. logbook prep.)
  • PAYE and UIF returns
  • VAT registration
  • VAT return
  • Tax Clearance Certificate / Tax Compliance Status
  • Tax clearance certificate (new on SARS filing)

TAX Audits

  • Income tax, VAT and PAYE audits

Assurance Services


Independent review of financial statements

Co-sourced internal audit services

Combined assurance services

Audit of Attorneys trust accounts

Validation of self-assessment of internal audit activity

Audits of estates

Full External assessments of internal audit activity

Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services

Our dedicated professionals will assist you to keep your company secretarial records up to date and to serve you as advisors on company secretarial matters.

Company Registrations


Change of Directors, Address or Financial year

COIDA & UIF Services

COIDA new registration & letter of good standing

COIDA renewal of letter of good standing

UIF registration

UIF returns / declarations submission